Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Evaluation Two places mentioned in the book

In his sophomore year at OU a producer from the talk show Leez, asked Reed if he would go to North Carolina and intercept Hurricane Floyd when it made land fall, the show would pay for the trip in full. Reed and his friend Rick flew into North Carolina and took a cab to Wilmington on the coast.At the hotel they were trying to get a room at, Reed met a man named Ernest who offered to let Rick and Reed stay at his mobile home just off the beach. They rode out the storm and shot some footage, most of the good parts of the storm happened at night while Rick and Reed were asleep. 

Another place Reed talks about is his hometown, a suburb outside of Grand Rapids. He talks about studying for school, trapping and studying insects in the woods behind his house. He always took his sister back into the woods and climbed trees to research every insect he could find. His mother kept buying him books about insects, including the name what they eat and anything else he wanted to know. He even drew insects to pass time

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